Aesthetic Dentistry

Aesthetic Dentistry

Crowns, dental bridges and prostheses


Aesthetic dentistry has been one of the most important directions in modern dentistry since its foundation. This direction includes the restoration of damaged or missing teeth with covers, dental bridges and prostheses, at the same time prolonging the life of the damaged tooth, ensuring its lost aesthetic appearance and all functional features. 


The placement of crown is a type of tooth restoration where a lab made of a pre-selected material in the laboratory (as opposed to a denture or veneer) covers the entire visible area of ​​the tooth. This type of prosthesis is used, as mentioned above, to restore the basic function of the tooth chewing  it’s anatomical shape, the aesthetic appearance of the smile. 

There are several types of crowns, depending on the material used. At the same time, dentistry is developing, paying tribute to the use of modern methods and materials. Kishmishian Dental Studio uses press-ceramic, zirconium dioxide based and ceramic-metal covers. 

Press-ceramic covers | To the naked eye, these covers don’t differ from the natural anatomical appearance of the teeth. These press-ceramic covers are ideally combined with gingival tissues. They do not cause allergic reactions, which is their main advantage. 

Zirconium dioxide ceramic covers | This type of coating has a number of advantages – superfluity, due to which it is used for both front and side chewing teeth, natural tooth enamel transparency, high compatibility with gum tissue, and most importantly, long-term durability. 

Metal-ceramic covers | The color of these metal-based and enamel surfaces is chosen based on the patient’s adjacent, healthy tooth color pattern. With the right choice of color, it is impossible to distinguish the cover from a natural tooth. The other advantage of the cover is durability. 

In order to maintain more airtightness, the choice of material for fastening crowns depends on the type of cover. 


Dental bridges are immovable orthopedic structures consisting of a series of artificial teeth. Bridges are used when several teeth in a row are damaged or missing. They are attached to the existing teeth of the missing dental series. 

One of the main advantages of dental bridges is the natural tooth appearance, complete restoration of chewing function, preservation of the bite and the ability to adapt quickly. 


Prostheses are dental structures that replace teeth. They restore the anatomical-physiological structure of the bite, restore a beautiful smile. Properly made dentures do not cause complaints, on the contrary, patients adapt to them very quickly, accepting it as their own denture. 

Prostheses are placed in the complete and partial absence of teeth. The prosthetics process goes through several stages. In the preparatory phase of the intervention, the condition of the oral cavity is assessed and, if necessary, appropriate interventions are performed. Then the prosthesis is made (shirt / bridge / removable or buccal prostheses). 

Kishmishian Dental Studio uses removable plastic’s brace prostheses. 

Removable plastic prostheses | They are the most common, very light, installed without additional grinding of the teeth, they are fastened with special hooks. These removable plastic prostheses are made of acrylic material, which has no contraindications. 

Bugel prostheses | They are structures based on a metal structure, with acrylic layer, on which artificial teeth are attached. The metal structure allows the load to be evenly distributed during chewing. Bugel prostheses are attached with hooks or micro-locks. 

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