Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic dentistry

Teeth Whitening & Veneers


With the development of modern dentistry, it has become possible to change the color and shape of teeth, eliminate interdental distances, correct natural wear, and give the smile an attractive, well-groomed look. 

Procedures that emphasize the beauty and care of teeth greatly solve aesthetic problems, facing all the challenges of modern medicine. 

Teeth whitening 

Over time, depending on one’s different lifestyle choices (coffee, tea, cigarettes) the teeth become prone to color changes. 

Teeth whitening is the process that alters the natural color of the teeth without damaging the tooth enamel. This process itself cannot fully change the color of the teeth; it rather brightens their natural color up to a few degrees. 

Modern cosmetic dentistry provides a quick and safe way of whitening the teeth up to several shades in a short amount of time. 

At Kishmishian Dental Studio, teeth whitening is done in two ways. 

First | Clinical whitening 

Second | Home whitening 

A combination of these two methods is often used, which is even more effective. In case of teeth whitening, it is possible to whiten only the natural tooth enamel. It is important to note that different covers and/or fillings are not subject to change their color under the influence of bleach. 

Installation of Veneers 

Another way to have a healthy and beautiful denture is to install veneers. Veneers are used not only to change the color of the tooth, but also to correct aesthetic defects such as the shape of teeth, gaps between them, broken edges as well as damaged enamel.  

Veneers are thin ceramic coverings, which are attached to the pre-polished and treated surfaces of the teeth, hiding the natural inclination of the latter. 

Made of fine porcelain, veneers are almost indistinguishable from natural teeth. They are remarkably similar to the natural anatomical structure of the teeth and they are not perceived as foreign bodies from our organism. 

Due to the thinness of the base layer of veneers, the natural tooth is preserved more than in the case of crowns, based on the fact that veneers require less mechanical grinding of the teeth prior to installation. 

Another advantage of veneers is its translucency, which gives the impression of a natural tooth. 

Cosmetic Dentistry being an innovative branch of Modern Dentistry provides an opportunity to change and correct some of the natural defects and teeth inconveniences by doing so imperceptibly and skillfully. 

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