Root canal treatment


This branch of modern dentistry focuses on the study and treatment of root canals, particularly chronic pulpitis, and periodontitis. 

Pulpitis is an inflammation of the soft tissue of the tooth. This may be caused due to various factors such as caries, tooth decay or even previous incorrect filling procedures. Pulpitis is manifested by severe pain.  

Stages of endodontic treatment  

  • Penetration into the root canal 
  • Pulp removal from the root canal  
  • Disinfection  
  • Root filling with special charge  

Endodontic treatment of teeth is comprised of primary and secondary procedures.  

Primary | Primary root canal treatment: pulp removal, dental canal disinfection, filling, if necessary, depending on the complete or partial condition of the tooth restored as a result of treatment, potential placement of a toothpick or cover.  

Secondary or double | This procedure is performed on a previous incomplete filling, one which served previously as precursor of additional problems, such as inflammation.  

Endodontic dentistry is one of the most developing branches of modern dentistry, as it aims to preserve natural teeth at all costs. 

For endodontic treatment, the correct diagnosis of the problem starts with the development of an individual treatment plan which is of primary importance.  

At Kishmishian Dental Studio, an anamnesis (information about a patient’s lifelong illness) is collected before endodontic treatment, diagnosed by X-ray, and in some cases, an electrodontometer is used to check pulp viability. 

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