Surgical dentistry


Teeth extractions, gum & bone plastic surgery

Back in the day, tooth extractions were the prime focus of dentistry. It was easy way to get rid of any problems regarding the oral cavity. Today, with modern day medicine, views on solving problems have shifted and the main goal is now the preservation of natural teeth to any expense. Doctors are more inclined on “saving” rather than “eliminating” the tooth in concern.  

Of course, surgical dentistry has a very clear and responsible role along with numerous functions, such as the diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases found in the oral cavity.  

Indications for permanent tooth removal has a wide variety of ranges, from the impossibility of dental treatment for different reasons, up to extractions for aesthetic reasons.  

The removal of the 8th or Wisdom tooth also has some indications which are the following: 

  • The presence of a mucous layer formed during the eruption, which, as a result of covering the crown, together with accumulated food debris, causes many complications like inflammation for example, which becomes the source of unpleasant pain in the mouth. 
  • Because the eruption of the wisdom teeth occurs on a later stage in life (after the age of 18), due to the lack of sufficient space remaining, difficulties may arise with the eruption of the wisdom tooth where the latter may rest on adjacent ones, causing an overlay of dentures and discomfort in general. 
  • The 8th tooth has certain distinctive features. Unlike other teeth, it is unpredictable in the sense where even in the case of minor caries, it can be accompanied by sharp radiating pain among people. 

It should be noted that surgical removal of teeth is performed by local anesthetics. As the anesthetic material has certain indications and contraindications, it is selected individually.  

Gum plastic  

Gum plastic surgery is performed both for cosmetic reasons and for medical indications. This branch of dentistry solves a wide range of problems with various methods that are the subject of modern-day development.  

Gum cosmetic surgery is performed when the problem causes aesthetic discomfort to the patient. Within the framework of the complex treatment, the gingival edges are smoothed out and the gingival smile is overall corrected.  

Gum plastic surgery also contributes to the diagnosis and treatment of several problems, such as speech therapy as well as various gum diseases that appear over time.  

It should be recalled that the causes of gum problems are of various types, and that often improper hygiene leads to problems that cannot be solved without surgery. 

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