Preventive Dentistry

Preventive Dentistry

Role in modern dentistry

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Preventive dentistry is a set of comprehensive measures taken to maintain oral health, diagnose and treat problems, as well as to further prevent future complications. 

Preventive dentistry is the field of dentistry that focuses on the procedures and life practices that help people prevent the onset and further development of intra-oral diseases. It includes daily home oral and dental care, as well as regular dental check-ups, counseling to prevent new problems, and proper follow-up care. 

Any common intra-oral problem of the teeth and gums has a direct effect on the whole organism. Preventive dentistry is the branch of modern stomatology that helps to avoid the above-mentioned problems only from time to time, by scheduling check-ups on a regular basis. 

Kishmishian Dental Studio’s team can diagnose, treat, and prevent a variety of dental problems at an early stage in their development, thus helping avoid further complications. 

Prophylactic visits | The first step of preventive measures 

Attending regular dental checkups for tartar cleaning is considered to be the first crucial step in preventive care, which must be done at least twice a year. 

Prophylactic visits to Kishmishian Dental Studio consist of thorough examination of the patient’s dentures, the condition of the tooth enamel, the gums, and the degree of tooth sensitivity. The doctor listens to the patient’s complaints, becomes aware of previous procedures done in the oral cavity and collects a Medical History (information about the patient’s precious and current illnesses). Depending on the patient’s teeth condition, the doctor proposes individualized measures of treatmentBelow are described the specific preventive measures, followed by their main purpose. 

One of the most important services in preventive dentistry

Professional tooth cleaning | Why is it so important?

Daily teeth home care activities such as brushing, flossing or even gargling have indeed a positive effect on the maintenance of intraoral health, but regardless of efforts in proper daily care, professional dental cleaning is still required. Why? 

Over time, teeth become covered with sediment, creating favorable conditions for the growth of several types of bacteria, which in turn lead to various gum diseases, development of caries, tooth decay, and formation of cavities. 

It is notable that not all surfaces of the dentures can be cleaned at home, therefore professional cleaning of the teeth can only be performed by a dentist, who examines the oral cavity and provides minute and precise cleaning. 

The procedure usually includes the following main stages: 

  • Ultrasonic cleaning of teeth surfaces, and if necessary, of periodontal pockets. 
  • Removing hard sediment on tooth enamel accumulated from pigment rich foods and beverages such as coffee, tea, cigarettes and more. 
  • Air Flow method (cleaning with dust particles along with water jet). 
  • Mechanical cleaning via use of brush and polish sometimes accompanied by special cleaning pastes to further smooth out the outer teeth surfaces in case of need. 

Teeth fluoridation 

The last segment of preventive dentistry is Fluoride treatment, in other words, enrichment of the tooth enamel with Fluoride. 

During the procedure, a certain amount of Fluoride-containing substance is applied to the teeth, which has the following affects: 

  • Disinfects teeth surfaces 
  • By separating Fluoride ions, it promotes their penetration into the tooth enamel 
  • Reduces teeth sensitivity 

Overall, Fluoride compounds prevent the development of caries. 

Regular performance of these two main segments of preventive dentistry with the daily maintenance of home care routine will make you forget about any toothaches and dental complaints. 

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