Restorative Dentistry

Restorative Dentistry

Fillings, inlay and onlay

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Restorative dentistry is a set of measures aimed at preserving the shape and functional features of the teeth. 

While prophylactic preventive examinations are usually the main theme of discussion, restorative dentistry however appears when the regularity of prophylactic visits is breached and the necessary occasional dental preventive measures are not taken. 

Restorative dentistry includes almost all types of diagnosis and treatment of dental diseases. Below presented are some details of cases when fillings must be used, versus cases when it is a matter of inlay or onlay.  


Dental filling is the restoration of the structure and function of the tooth damaged by caries. Before filling the teeth, the affected tooth tissue is removed, the cavity is cleaned and is filled with filling material. Dental filling is performed when less than half of the entire tooth surface area is affected. 

Modern dentistry offers a wide range of fillings. Doctors choose the most suitable filling material according to hermeticity, as they are remarkably similar in color to natural tooth tissue. 

Filling a tooth with a material such as Nanocomposite makes it possible to prevent further development of caries and loss of tooth function. Due to small nanoparticles, the filling is proven to be more hermetic, comfortable, with almost no visible difference in color and most importantly without any side sensations. 

Inlay and Onlay 

The difference between both Inlay Onlay and Crown methods is that the first procedure covers only a part of the tooth surface, while the second procedure involves covering the whole entity of the tooth. Both in turn have the same purpose of restoring the general shape of the tooth, its color and function. 

Customarily, the Inlay and Onlay are based on composite and porcelain (ceramic) materials. 

Inlay and Onlay have many advantages. They are mainly distinguished by their aesthetic appearance, comfort and long-term durability. 

Restorative function | They are used to fill in the gaps between different surface parts of the teeth, with the aim of restoring the chewing function. They differ in their aesthetic function, because they are very similar to natural teeth by their shape and color. They are extremely reliable and have a long shelf life.   

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